Tiago Sousa

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Tiago's academic background and professional experience was in Mechanical Engineering, Management branch.

In the last three years, he realized that his engineering was different and began to dedicate himself to people. He spent this time training in the area of personal development with Coaching, NLP and Erickosian Hypnosis.

Within this area, his strength is high performance and time management, so he loves helping people have a more structured and organized life.

A better balance between productivity and personal satisfaction, ensuring that you achieve your goals.

Without a well-structured calendar, you're likely to remain on a rat race, wasting time, money and continuously chasing unfulfilled dreams.

Are you ready to find harmony and walk towards your dream life?

Let‘s go!

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clarifying vision and direction

Empower people to achieve their goals by guiding them to create a vivid and compelling vision for their future. This will help them move forward with a clear sense of purpose and intention.

Strategic planning in progress

strategizing your actions

Assist in developing a strategic plan by breaking down the vision into actionable steps, setting goals, creating timelines, and providing guidance to overcome obstacles.

Mind Background

mastering your mind and emotions

Help individuals overcome internal obstacles through techniques like Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP, to achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.

Main tools

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The art and science of facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another

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A form of therapy that offers a gentle, yet effective approach to creating change, using indirect suggestions to engage the subconscious mind

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Understanding how we communicate with ourselves and others and how that communication affects our neurology and behavior

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